Blackearth Interiors is the Interior Design division of Andrew Greeff Architects.

Blackearth Interiors provides a comprehensive service which involves the design and layout of bathrooms, kitchens, all built-in cupboards, interior and exterior finishes, sanitaryware specifications, positioning and specifications for lighting and light fittings.  Other services include designing freestanding furniture which is all locally manufactured i.e. custom-made dining room tables and chairs, consoles, coffee tables and freestanding cabinets.

After 12 years in Germany, Ronel Greeff joined her husband at Andrew Greeff Architects as a business partner to head their Interior Design division. The Blackearth Interiors team's creative and innovative designs and immaculate finishes set the company standard to the highest level.

Blackearth Interiors team's sought-after keen eye for detail and their ability to adapt to the taste and needs of their clients have stood the test of time.

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